Is Carbon neutral development a reality?

Developing an urban infrastructure that can be carbon neutral faces practical challenges in the form of -
Recovery of Embedded carbon footprint.
Maintaining the carbon neutral situation post construction.
Community management in such developments.
4. Availability of Green materials.
5. Disposal of solid and gaseous waste in such developments.


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Since 1993, Shruti Structures is providing building solutions to various projects. Its experience includes diverse use and mixed use buildings like industrial, commercial, retail, housing (from single family housing to 5000 unit complex, 5 meter high to 125 meter high, public sector to private sector) and, public buildings. Shruti Structures has been innovative in providing custom build solutions for individual projects working as either an Engineering Procurement Construction Contractor on turnkey deliveries or, providing EPC contracting services for specific items to resolve the fundamental product process issues of building construction.

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Shruti Structures product development has always paved way for new technology and valuable products to Indian market by strategically aligning with sources outside India. Such Partners, who wish to reach Indian market in an effective and serviced way, may contact us at Responsibility – Corporate, environmental and Social is spirit of business at Shruti Structures and, it carries every responsibility of its solutions, products, processes and results.

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